Exemplar stylized results by the proposed Avatar-Net, which faithfully transfers the lena image by arbitrary style.


Zero-shot artistic style transfer is an important image synthesis problem aiming at transferring arbitrary style into content images. However, the trade-off between the generalization and efficiency in existing methods impedes a high quality zero-shot style transfer in real-time. In this repository, we resolve this dilemma and propose an efficient yet effective Avatar-Net that enables visually plausible multi-scale transfer for arbitrary style.

The key ingredient of our method is a style decorator that makes up the content features by semantically aligned style features from an arbitrary style image, which does not only holistically match their feature distributions but also preserve detailed style patterns in the decorated features.


Comparison of feature distribution transformation by different feature transfer modules. (a) Adaptive Instance Normalization, (b) Whitening and Coloring Transform, (c) Style-Swap, and (d) the proposed style decorator.

By embedding this module into a reconstruction network that fuses multi-scale style abstractions, the Avatar-Net renders multi-scale stylization for any style image in one feed-forward pass.


(a) Stylization comparison by autoencoder and style-augmented hourglass network. (b) The network architecture of the proposed method.



Exemplar stylized results by the proposed Avatar-Net.

We demonstrate the state-of-the-art effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method in generating high-quality stylized images, with a series of successful applications including multiple style integration, video stylization and etc.

Comparison with Prior Arts

Execution Efficiency

Method Gatys et. al. AdaIN WCT Style-Swap Avatar-Net
256x256 (sec) 12.18 0.053 0.62 0.064 0.071
512x512 (sec) 43.25 0.11 0.93 0.23 0.28


Multi-style Interpolation


Content and Style Trade-off



Please refer to the GitHub repository for more details.


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