3DVG-Transformer: Relation Modeling for Visual Grounding on Point Clouds


Visual grounding on 3D point clouds is an emerging vision and language task that benefits various applications in understanding the 3D visual world. By formulating this task as a grounding-by-detection problem, lots of recent works focus on how to exploit more powerful detectors and comprehensive language features, but (1) how to model complex relations for generating context-aware object proposals and (2) how to leverage proposal relations to distinguish the true target object from similar proposals are not fully studied yet. Inspired by the well-known transformer architecture, we propose a relation-aware visual grounding method on 3D point clouds, named as 3DVG-Transformer, to fully utilize the contextual clues for relation-enhanced proposal generation and cross-modal proposal disambiguation, which are enabled by a newly designed coordinate-guided contextual aggregation (CCA) module in the object proposal generation stage, and a multiplex attention (MA) module in the cross-modal feature fusion stage. We validate that our 3DVG-Transformer outperforms the state-of-the-art methods by a large margin, on two point cloud-based visual grounding datasets, ScanRefer and Nr3D/Sr3D from ReferIt3D, especially for complex scenarios containing multiple objects of the same category.

IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision